Sales Call Reluctance originates from one major source; it’s learnt throughout our lives.

Although it often creeps up on individuals and consolidates itself over a long period of time, it can also take just one uncomfortable, embarrassing or uncomfortable experience to imprint negative feelings.  This ‘one time learning’ can negatively shape sales actions in all similar situations in the future.

Common Sources

The way the group below thinks, feels and behaves towards selling and sales can have a hugely negative impact… without the sales person wanting it to or even knowing it has:

  • Parents
  • Managers
  • Trainers
  • Customers
  • Peers
  • Friends
  • The Media Consultants

Many sales people have admitted to us that the reasons they suffered from something called Role Rejection, was caused by simple everyday issues such as:

  • Society’s view of sales as being sleazy or unprofessional
  • Disappointment with a perceived ‘waste’ of educational qualifications
  • Aggressive or judgmental reactions from customers
    The SPQ*GOLD® establishes how strongly a sales person is affected by each of the 12 of the Sales Call Reluctance traits.
The 12 Traits

The following is a brief description of the behavioural impact of each trait on an individual who suffers from its sensitivity.


Worries too much about what the client might think, which limits what they are prepared to say and do.  A preference to back off rather than pursue a matter until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Role Rejection

Has an unresolved feeling of dissatisfaction, discomfort or guilt about their career choice. The concerns and doubts they have about being in sales means they will less likely to behave like a sales person in key situations.

Over Preparer

Has a preference for over amplified amounts of detail and analysis and can be easily distracted. Thinking, planning and researching are more comfortable activities than the ‘doing’ parts of the sales role.

Hyper Professional

More effort is put into making a favourable impression, and being ‘liked’ than is needed; this increases anxiety and lowers productivity

Stage Fright

A debilitating dislike of presenting to groups that can, in extreme cases, cause physical illness, stress or absenteeism. Presentations can be ineffective or even avoided.

Social Self Conscious

A dislike of selling to those they perceive as superior in some way, such as job title, education or social status.


Is concerned by the use of the telephone as a promotional tool to move their sales objectives forward. Using it for social purposes remain largely unimpaired.


An extremely over amplified form of pessimism that dominates decision-making that is extremely corrosive in terms of the ways it shapes mindset and sales activity.

Oppositional Reflex

The reflexive need to push help or support away in order to retain control. Manifests itself through contradictory or difficult stances being taken in most situations to maintain their ‘autonomy’.

Emotionally Un-emancipated

The strong discomfort associated with networking and growing business through networking with family members.


The strong discomfort associated with networking and growing business through networking with personal friends

Referral Aversion

The dislike or reluctance to ask clients to help them extend their network or influence due to worries of conflict or rejection.

It is important to understand that when someone is assessed to see if they are suffering from SCR they will get a detailed report back that will show exactly how much they are affected by each of the 12 different traits.

So unlike many profiling tools that look to put a single label or descriptor on a person, the SPQ actual does a complete check of all aspects of sensitivity; it is common for a sales person to score significantly in 4 or 5 different areas.

This means that they will have many highs and lows during the working day / week as different traits affect them at different stages of the sales process or as their customers change.

“ReMap adds that extra string to our bow by uncovering the issues that candidates may keep hidden from us … and sometimes themselves.”

James Saunders, Managing Director, 4MAT Digital Marketing

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