We would obviously like to share with you a range of the consistently positive feedback that ReMap receives from the Development and Recruitment support that we offer.

Please find below a recent selection provided by a variety of our clients from a range of industries; from Recruitment, Leisure and Pharmaceuticals, to Printing, Retail, Manufacturing and Supply Chain…  As you will see, there’s a diversity of views and perspectives as to how and why ReMap has benefited their particular business.

However, we know that its easy to put quotes onto a website – what people sometimes prefer, is an opportunity to actually talk to one of our customers, and to get an objective viewpoint of things.

If that’s the case, please ring us on 01664 567719 and we can work out the best person for you to talk to based on your industry sector etc. or if you prefer, email us info@remap.co.uk and tell us what you are interested in discussing and we will connect you with a client who will be happy to talk with you!

Morning Ian, I hope you are well and enjoying the sunny bank holiday weekend. Thought I’d drop you a line to say thank you for your help with the SPQ training.

Being aware of my limitations has definitely helped me move them towards where they are supposed to be! I was scared of going for people with more associated power and while it still isn’t my strength I have certainly learned to manage it more appropriately and through keeping my calm I have brought on some really big buyers and sellers that I wouldn’t have closed in the past!

Kimberley Hagues, Regional Director

ReMap came to work with our European Leadership Team to deliver a course aimed at improving our internal networking and communication. By better understanding our individual communication preferences, we learned to recognise our behaviour tendencies in stress situations, and how to flex and adapt those when communicating with colleagues.
With Ian’s ongoing support and encouragement, implementing the learnings from this course has tremendously benefitted my workload management and substantially reduced my stress levels. I have been deploying some of Ian’s ideas within my own team as well, with positive results in each case. A follow up course that Ian recently shared with us provided additional insights and skills; in particular, the topic of “Task Readiness” proved very useful for me when allocating project tasks within my team recently.
Ian’s depth of knowledge, allied with his professionalism and warmth, make it a no-brainer for me to recommend ReMap without hesitation.

Richard Pohler, Director EMEA, Medical Science Liaison, Alimera Sciences Ltd.

Attending the ReMap LNQ programme has been of great benefit to me, both personally and professionally. Through implementing the ReMap techniques, I have found much more effective ways of working and I have increased my confidence to deal with situations that are not within my natural comfort zone.

The results have been immediate and hugely positive in terms of my productivity, delivery and resilience. The follow up coaching and support that ReMap offer has also been instrumental in embedding the learnings from the programme.

Emma Head, Human Resources Manager - Europe , Alimera Sciences Ltd.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical at first – I was concerned that the ReMap Programme was going to be some kind of predictable, short-term psychobabble! However, after speaking with the Directors for a short time, I was convinced that they were worth a try; I’m very glad I made that decision ! After using them at Imprima, we achieved a huge 15% increase in overall revenues – some individuals achieved up to 35%! Be in no doubt, this Programme is about pragmatic personal growth for sales people that works – I wouldn’t have the slightest doubt in recommending them to any business.

Steve Pusey, Former MD Imprima Group

ReMap training was unlike any sales training we’ve experienced because most of the time you go through the training and a few months later, life takes over and you haven’t really moved forward. What we liked about ReMap was the follow through by the trainers to make sure the behavioral changes took firm hold to benefit us for the long term.

I’d be happy to recommend to any sales people who are really serious about changing for the better.


John McCann, Sales Director RR Donnelly

I have been using ReMap for myself, and the team I lead, for almost 5 years. The support I have had, has allowed me to tackle my own areas of call reluctance. Every member of my team has also worked with Ian and Martin, on the ReMap Development Programme with great results. The work with ReMap is now also an integral part of my recruitment process, allowing me to look through another lens at prospective employees. I would now feel uncomfortable hiring someone, without this extra information supplied by ReMap.


Stephen Wale, Regional Business Manager, AstraZeneca

When ReMap were recommended to me I wanted to assess the value of the profiling tool myself. I requested that they profile 4 existing staff and asked them to report on their sales ability. Remap successfully identified the high achieving sales employees and the under performer. We now use ReMap to profile internal candidates who are looking to move into a sales role, and all external candidates as part of our recruitment process. The ReMap report gives us a valuable insight into each candidate which is vital for us in the decision making process.


Malcolm Costello, MD, Four Seasons Recruitment Ltd

When I was introduced to ReMap I was initially interested in exploring whether their recruitment support could actually help me identify recruiters who would have the tenacity needed to survive and thrive in our environment. It very quickly became apparent that not only could they do this, but they could also add real value to many of my customers who are also looking for robust productive sales people. We are now working closely with ReMap to share their proposition in order to help both my clients and Vanilla.”


Eloise Shelton, Director, Vanilla Recruitment (UK) Ltd.

Ian and Martin delivered the ReMap training to my senior sales management team at the start of 2015. They were an inspired choice. Rather than another motivational training session talking about what you could do, which we have all heard before in one form or another, Martin and Ian actually delivered a relevant and interesting program focused on changing sales behaviours and attitudes. I particularly found the section on managing your own view on how others perceive you and how that can hold you back very insightful and most compelling in today’s highly competitive market.


Tim Mayer, Regional Sales & Business Manager, Everyone Active

We used ReMap to train our wholesales Division and saw instant results that helped them develop into a productive team


Alan Styles, Sales Director, Axminster Tool Centre

For every £1 spent on the training, I received £28 back. Within weeks we were seeing results; increased sales and service level improvements. We were so pleased that we have engaged them to work with another Division of our company


Ian Styles, Managing Director, Axminster Tool Centre

“Every Recruitment Company that I’ve recommended use ReMap’s services have loved them. It pinpoints exactly whether someone is going to pick up the phone and be a good salesperson… before they join your organisation – crucial to anyone considering hiring someone in sales. For your existing staff it gives you the development areas for their personal training programme or as consideration for promotion”


Angela Cripps, Connemara UK

We first used ReMap to analyse our existing team and were pleased to find that the strength of the profiles matched the capability of the people that we knew which helped us trust its accuracy. Further analysis of the data then helped us then understand why some people were under-performing and why others were doing well.

Following this initial success we have started to use ReMap when we are recruiting new staff. The reason for this is that we can do a great job of looking at personality, skills, knowledge and capability but ReMap adds that extra string to our bow by uncovering the issues that candidates may keep hidden from us, and sometimes even themselves. ”


James Saunders, Managing Director, 4MAT Digital Marketing
“If you would like to chat to any of these clients please call us now…”

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80% predictive validity for identifying HIGH producers
4% Attrition rate in study of 445 ReMap candidates
ReMap report fee averages only 0.2% of 1st Year recruitment costs
100% report deadlines achieved in last 10 years;available 24/7

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