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Remap Case Study 1

(2 1/2 Year Study)

Retail & Manufacturing: 23% Sales Growth as the Economy Shrank

This comprehensive case study looks at the ReMap Development Programme undertaken for Axminster Tool Centre, the largest employer in East Devon. It provides all the information necessary for you to understand the entire ReMap process and just how it consistently produces results for our client partners. It also contains 2 pages of detailed statistical analysis conducted by Professor Jackie Campbell PhD MinstP CPhys CStst FCO, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and Professor at the University of Northampton.

“For every £1 that I spent on the training, I received £28 back…!”
Ian Styles, MD Axminster Tool Centre

Case Study 2

(2 Year Study)

National Oncology Specialist Sales Team

This detailed case study shows the impact of the ReMap Development Programme on the performance of a team even whilst selling their product in a very difficult environment. Regulatory approval for their drug was being withdrawn and competitors gaining Market Share.

26% Sales Growth was achieved in 9 months, rising to 43% in 12 months

Case Study 3

(2 Year Study)

Pharmaceutical Specialist Business Unit

This case study was actually built by the team who constructed the SPQ*Gold™ profiling tool;
they were seeking to gain insight and specific data on the effectiveness of the ReMap Development Programme.

It contains a number of findings but highlights include:

  • £1,317,805 increase in sales revenue in 12 months
  • Estimated ROI of £760,127
Remap Case Study 4, 2 x summarised


“Would you like to become our next case study..?”

ReMap interview report

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80% predictive validity for identifying HIGH producers
4% Attrition rate in study of 445 ReMap candidates
ReMap report fee averages only 0.2% of 1st Year recruitment costs
100% report deadlines achieved in last 10 years;available 24/7

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