A Unique Approach
The Problem
The Cause
Compatibility with your own training
4 Weeks Coaching Support
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A Unique Approach

We don’t approach sales training and development in the way that other sales training businesses do. However we are extremely successful at getting proven sales results for our clients by targeting the real problems most sales people face.

The Problem

As our Home Page shows, we focus on resolving the issues, which currently prevent many intelligent, competent, and skillful people actually using their sales talents on a consistent basis

Most of us have seen people who have the knowledge, the ability and ‘potential’ to be more successful, yet, for some unknown reason they are just not achieving the results that we know they are capable of.
Often they’ve already received lots of development, they perform well in role play, have passed all the technical tests and yet nothing seems to work and you are still left with trying to resolve some of the following

  • Low activity
  • Poor sales results
  • Weak in-call performance
  • Profit sacrifice
  • Low client acquisition
  • Provides a ‘service’ rather than ‘sells’
  • Indecisive, unclear, apologetic or non existent closing
  • Poor objection handling
  • Subservience
  • Information dumping
  • Professional visiting…

Repeatedly trying to improve skills and knowledge issues in order to fix these things can be really frustrating for the sales manager and individual alike. On top of that in some cases the individual may even be considering leaving the business, due to their low confidence and high stress levels, which they may not feel able to tell you about.

Perhaps you may even recognize having been in this position yourself during your career and recall how badly this made you feel?

The Cause

As humans, our behaviour is frequently driven by our emotions; our natural reaction to situations depends on how we feel. For example if we feel uncomfortable about something our instinct is to avoid it, alternatively if we are comfortable and we enjoy something we will want to do more of it.

Sales are no different and we all know it is easier to sell when we are relaxed, confident and comfortable. The ‘symptoms’ listed above are not usually caused by a lack of sales ability, but by the discomfort of actually applying these talents.

So, if just the thought of picking up the phone to approach certain clients, asking particular questions, closing deals or worrying about rejection, makes us feel uncomfortable or anxious then we will naturally begin to avoid those emotionally charged situations. This results in us avoiding behaviours, which are needed to sell effectively.

The important consideration here is that these are not conscious choices for the individual, but learnt habitual reactions to sales situations, customers and tasks. We are not saying that anyone deliberately wants to make things difficult for themselves or their employers, rather that we can all just shy away from things, which cause us pressure or pain.


Please click the image to see an example Development report used on the Programme.


As we are targeting an emotionally based issue and not one of sales competency, offering more ‘support’ by way of additional skills and knowledge training is likely to be counterproductive.

If an individual’s emotional discomfort is already preventing them using their existing sales skills in situations right now, then more of the following traditional solutions are unlikely to change things. However, because many businesses haven’t heard about what we do they are often left with no other choice but to try :

  • New Sales models and techniques
  • More technical Product information
  • Field Visits, observations and coaching
  • Role Plays and Testing to show learning has occurred
  • Sales Consultants running “Motivational” external courses

ReMap believes the most important development priority is that the individual should have the emotional comfort and confidence to apply their existing skillsets consistently with their customers.

Achieving that is the key to getting more from your existing staff, therefore for a detailed look at the ReMap Development Programme (RDP), which delivers this change.

Compatibility with your own training

Our RDP content is unique as it immediately begins to deliver sales results, whilst dovetailing perfectly into any current L & D skills and knowledge training initiatives.

4 Weeks Coaching Support

We get real results through neutral ‘safe‘ coaches who work with people in short sharp daily bursts via phone, text and email. This keeps the RDP’s learning real, relevant and alive for the all-important days and weeks post workshop; important if we want to help people change habitual behaviours

As well as the obvious focus on changing Sales Call Reluctant behaviours, part of the coaching we provide in the 4 weeks post workshop, is based around achieving specific short-term sales aims set by the sales managers. This means the program immediately begins to generate ROI and proof of change. We currently deliver over 85% of these aims; all new or additional performance measures, which weren’t being achieved prior to our involvement.


We are a results orientated provider with a focus on ‘real time’ coaching that shifts the learning from classroom theory to business results very quickly.

We gather short-term evidence of behavioural change and evaluate each 4-week Programme against our clients own measurements of success

We have 3 long-term case studies, which show the impact we have on sales growth (up to 43% year on year) and bottom-line (over £1m increase).

Bonus Effect

Past and future training initiatives benefit from the confidence created by ReMap, and clients consistently tell us that other skills and knowledge development previously provided are used more because barriers have been removed due to ReMap’s intervention. Sales Managers also benefit from a new and safe set of performance descriptors that they can use to continue coaching their staff with after the ReMap Program has been implemented.

“Ian and Martin delivered the ReMap training to my senior sales management team at the start of 2015. They were an inspired choice.”

Tim Mayer, Regional Sales & Business Manager, Everyone Active



Independent case Study 1 - Sales growth of 25% demonstrated in 12 months
Independent Case Study 2 - Sales Growth of 43% demonstrated in 12 months
Independent Case Study 3 - 2800% ROI in 1 Year
85% additional Business aims achieved during 4 week coaching period

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