Different Yet Effective:

The ALP ensures a logical & extremely effective intervention, which achieves immediate business results and improves the motivation, comfort, confidence and effectiveness of Leaders, Managers and Supervisors

We adapt our ALP’s to meet our client’s needs in terms of the business arena they operate in, business language and product or service type etc.

ReMap operates differently to most other training providers, who tend to deliver a workshop and then exit, leaving the client to embed the learning. We do not believe that any long-term success will be achieved for either the individual or our client company in this way.


The ALP is made up of 4 elements, which provide a unique support strategy of technical training combined with individual coaching. This approach allows each person the greatest opportunity to actually do something with the information they have received about their Leadership and Networking preferences, and then to change the way they approach their roles.


Manager Preparation

SMART, challenging business Aims for the 4 weeks post workshop are set.

These are based on behavioural actions, which are in addition to current performance.


Online Questionnaire completed


2 Day Workshop

Concept & Solutions

Allow individuals to understand & accept their personal areas of discomfort.

No critique of ability

Solutions provided to change these feelings & to support plans for 4 week coaching period

Aims for 4 weeks agreed

4 Weeks Coaching

Embed Changes

4 weeks coaching
post workshop.

Daily contact between individuals and ReMap
Telephone, email and text.

Behavioural change encouraged & supported.

Aims achieved

Review Day

Consolidate & Plan

Delegates share successful experiences and best practice during coaching period.

Longer term aims

Evaluation of ReMap Programme completed and report created

85%+ success achieved

Compatibility with your own training

Our ALP content is unique as it immediately begins to deliver results, whilst dovetailing perfectly into any current L & D skills and knowledge training initiatives.

Why 4 Weeks Coaching Support?

We get our results through neutral ‘safe‘ coaches who work with people in short sharp daily bursts via the telephone, text and email.

This keeps the ALP’s learning real, relevant and alive for the all-important days and weeks post workshop; this is vital if we want to help people change habitual behaviours.

As well as the obvious focus on changing self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, part of the coaching we provide in the 4 weeks post workshop is based around achieving specific short-term business aims set by Senior Managers.

This means the program immediately begins to generate ROI and proof of change. We currently deliver over 85% of these aims; all new or additional performance measures, which weren’t being achieved prior to our involvement.


We are a results orientated provider with a focus on ‘real time’ coaching that shifts the learning from classroom theory to business results very quickly.

We gather short-term evidence of behavioural change and evaluate each 4-week Programme against our client’s own measurements of success

NB: we are looking for partners to build new case studies in new industry sectors currently.

Bonus Effect

Past and future training initiatives benefit from the confidence created by ReMap, and clients consistently tell us that other skills and knowledge development previously provided are used more because barriers have been removed due to ReMap’s intervention.

Managers or Trainers that attend the ALP also benefit from a new and safe set of performance descriptors that they can use to continue coaching their staff with after the ReMap Program has been implemented.

“Unlike traditional Management Training, the Adept Leadership Programme helped introduce
long-term changes to behaviour, which have been imprinted in our thought processes.
I see the changes, in a very positive way.


Christine O’Brien
Operations Director Asia Pacific

RR Donnelly

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