Please note this section is intended to provide you with information regarding ReMap’s International Development capability.

For a more detailed breakdown of what the ReMap Development Programme (RDP) offers and how it works, please refer to the Development menu on the main home page.


ReMap have been working across Europe for over 10 years delivering the RDP to English speaking audiences. However the impact of the RDP has been so well received that, in the last 2 years, the demand to deliver in an audience’s native language has led to ReMap adding this to their capabilities; the Country Adapted RDP (CARDP)

The current process for delivery of the CARDP into European countries therefore follows a two-option approach.

Option 1: English Speaking Audiences

(for example some management teams and bilingual team members)
The CARDP is delivered exactly as it would be in the UK with all services being provided by the ReMap Directors.

To date the CARDP has been well received by audiences from: Germany, Greece, Holland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Poland, Ireland and Italy.

It is recommended that the client selects an in-house Project Lead, preferably someone with a Training & Development background, who can help with local issues and help embed the process and also liaise with ReMap where needed.

Another key function of this role is to attend all workshops in case there is a need for a translator. Support can also be provided during the coaching period if either delegates or ReMap come across any language barriers.

Option 2: Native Language Audiences

The workshop delivery and the 4-week coaching is delivered and supported by Remaps first language Associate coaches who works alongside the ReMap Directors. This ensures equal opportunities are available for individuals to engage and benefit fully from the CARDP regardless of their English speaking capabilities.

The programme provides all the key materials of the current programme in the audience’s language together with some newly created materials to enhance the delivery of the programme for this specific audience.

The process remains:

  1. Completion of Individual Questionnaire pre workshop
  2. Two Day Development Workshop
  3. Individual Planning 1:1’s with a ReMap first language Associate coach (End of Day 1 and afternoon Day 2)
  4. 4 week remote daily individual coaching support from a ReMap first language Associate coach
  5. Review session at the end of the 4 week coaching period

Throughout the delivery of the CARDP the ReMap Directors are present in order to provided technical support to the CSC. This support is continued into the coaching period, where 3 way coaching is also provided via Email, Skype or TC.

 Our CARDP’s are currently available in the following languages; we are always looking for other suitable markets to develop into:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian (end of 2015)


“Wherever you are, ReMap can help your sales staff flourish….”



Independent case Study 1 - Sales growth of 25% demonstrated in 12 months
Independent Case Study 2 - Sales Growth of 43% demonstrated in 12 months
Independent Case Study 3 - 2800% ROI in 1 Year
85% additional Business aims achieved during 4 week coaching period

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