• The ReMap Recruitment Report describes whether a candidate will actually apply the talents they have so well documented within their c.v and displayed at interview – this is something often missing from most recruitment processes.

• The unique ReMap Recruitment Report provides an in-depth insight into 27 key elements of a candidates emotional suitability for a Leadership role

• It allows our clients to view the candidates from a different, and often hidden, perspective prior to making those expensive final hiring decisions


5 Simple Steps

1. Agree where the ReMap Report will be used within your current recruitment process. (Normally between initial interview and assessment center)
2. ReMap email an ‘On-line Completion Guide ‘ PDF which contains the following:
 a. Instructions of how to complete the questionnaire
 b. Link to ReMap website
 c. Unique password
 d. Completion deadline
 e. ReMap contact details for support
3. ReMap process the results and the PDF report is then sent to the recruitment team. ReMap are available Pre and Post candidate interview to help and support.
4. An Interview Support Guide is provided which contains questions to help explore key results. It also highlights other evidence to look for during assessment etc. NB: All report users need to be trained.
5. By exploring candidates Leadership and Networking traits you will see the true impact they will have on future performance, and you can therefore make more informed choices about their suitability for your vacancy.

How we add value

We DON’T find your candidates… we help you ‘know’ your potential new employee much better by predicting how well they might actually operate for you and what any potential performance barriers they are likely to suffer from.

What we help you save

The frustration, time and expense of those ‘poor’ appointment decisions and the impact they may have on:

• Attrition – team members and the leader
• Team performance
• Staff morale
• etc

Where we fit into your current process

We profile your candidates prior to final selection; we are a low volume, high impact part of your recruitment process. We help distinguish / compare candidates based on their likelihood to actually USE the skills and knowledge that you will have thoroughly assessed to this point.

What our service provides

We arrange all the communications required for questionnaire completion; create and supply a comprehensive 13-15 page ReMap Recruitment Report; provide our Interview Support Guide to help recruiters explore the key issues highlighted by the report, and offer telephone support to assist in the interpretation of each report for the recruiters.

Our service standards

Our unique service is available 7am – 10pm 7 days a week so we are always there, even at short notice. We guarantee to get results back in 48 hours … but can usually manage much quicker results as we know how reactive and last minute your recruitment can sometimes be!

The proof it works

We are very happy to put you in touch with client’s who are currently using our services…! Contact us and we will arrange a closest fit for your business…!

Good news for users

No matter how big or small your company there is no license fee and no up front costs… you just pay for the reports, as you need them, and nothing else!

“I found it extremely interesting to learn about the 11 triggers that result in avoidance, and how they relate to me. The Programme and follow up discussions have proven useful in removing these
self-imposed barriers to my own personal and professional growth. I would recommend it!

Patrick Klein
Global Vendor Manager, RRD

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