We help you to secure robust sales people who are likely to ‘sell’ and ‘stay’ !

Sell   Research shows a strong ReMap profile provides three unique and specific benefits:

  1. Increased potential to deliver higher sales revenue
  2. Ability to reach this higher potential quickly.
  3. Much lower levels of training, coaching and management support required.

Stay   You avoid future agency fees as the people you appoint will succeed more often, meet your needs and sustain their performance

Recent Performance Analysis – last 7 years data from 3 ReMap Companies

We contacted 3 of our regular clients over the last 7 years, who operate in different industrial sectors, and asked them to provide us with some feedback regarding their recruitment activity during this time.

All use ReMap at the latter stages of their selection processes, after they have filtered their candidates down to a final group; all are considered to have strong potential.

In total they profiled 445 applicants and appointed 98 of these (22%).

We then asked them to rate their performances after 12 months on a simple 4 point scale between ‘poor’ and ‘exceptional’ and to say whether or not they were still employed with their businesses.

A summary of the results can be downloaded here, by clicking on the image below.

“The ReMap report gives us a valuable insight into each candidate which is vital for us in the decision making process.”

Malcolm Costello, MD, Four Seasons Recruitment Ltd



80% predictive validity for identifying HIGH producers
4% Attrition rate in study of 445 ReMap candidates
ReMap report fee averages only 0.2% of 1st Year recruitment costs
100% report deadlines achieved in last 10 years;available 24/7

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