A Simple Process
The Remap Recruitment Report
A Graphical Report
A Sales Preference Questionnaire (SPQ) Assist
A Decision Support Matrix
Interview Support Guide
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We don’t measure the things most other psychometric profiling tools do, such as skills, knowledge, team fit or personality.

We don’t attempt to describe WHO the person is for you, rather we describe WHAT they will do..!

We measure whether your candidate is emotionally capable of actually selling for you …!

Your recruitment process will already establish their professional competency by exploring their existing Skills and Knowledge through C.V’s, a Competency Based Interview (CBI) and / or Assessment Centre process.

ReMap only looks to explore the candidate’s feelings towards Selling and Self Promotion. This emotional discomfort, which restricts a sales person’s performance and effectiveness, is known as Sales Call Reluctance (SCR) 3 minute explanatory movie

Global predictive validity studies on the profiling tool have shown an 80% correlation between a non Sales Call Reluctant score and High Producers. Similarly, studies have discovered a 75% correlation between a Sales Call Reluctant score and marginal producers.

ReMap’s own evaluation study of 445 candidates has shown very similar results at 82% correlation for High Producers.

By identifying these behaviours at the recruitment stage, this will help you understand the potential impact that their SCR traits may have on their future performance, and thereby help you to make informed choices about their suitability for your sales role.


A Simple Process

A candidate completes a 110-question questionnaire online, which scores them across 12 distinct psychological ‘Traits’ along with 9 other core measurements including Energy Level (battery power), Goal Clarity (Focus) and Goal Diffusion (Time and Task Management).


This data is then cut into three different formats and included in a bespoke report created by ReMap, which is then forwarded to the appropriate client end users. The three data cuts can be found below – simply click on the image to gain a detailed understanding of each.


The Remap Recruitment Report

We provide bespoke Recruitment support and all of our clients receive a ReMap Recruitment Report containing an overall summary of the candidate’s profile together with specific suggestions in terms of the SCR areas to explore further.

The document includes 3 different colour coded reports, which help measure and clarify the results of the questionnaire in a variety of ways to enable the recruiter to gain full insight into the candidate’s potential for sales.

Click the image to see an example report


A Graphical Report

This provides 21 separate measurements, which breaks down their SCR results, calculates their current focus and energy levels and also identifies how they approached the questionnaire.

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A Sales Preference Questionnaire (SPQ) Assist

This provides recruiters with information on:

How Much sales potential the candidate has

How Soon they are likely to reach that potential and,

What Cost to you as a business

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A Decision Support Matrix

This measures each candidate numerically and enables a quick, accurate and objective comparison between applications

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Interview Support Guide

This helps recruiters maximize their use of the ReMap Recruitment Report in interview situations.

The document provides a selection of SCR focused questions created specifically to be integrated into your own assessment process.


Memory jogger summary….



We DON’T find your candidates… we help you ‘know’ your budding new employee much better by predicting how well they might actually sell for you and what any potential sales barriers they are likely to suffer from.


The frustration, time and expense of those ‘poor’ appointment decisions and the impact on high / early attrition rates Financial advantages


We profile your candidates prior to final selection; we are a low volume, high impact part of your recruitment process.. We help distinguish / compare candidates based on their likelihood to actually USE the skills and knowledge that you will have thoroughly assessed to this point. Methodology


We arrange all the communications required for questionnaire completion; create and supply a comprehensive 13-15 page ReMap Recruitment Report; provide our Interview Support Guide to help recruiters explore the key issues highlighted by the report, and offer telephone support to assist in the interpretation of each report for the recruiters. Methodology


Our unique service is available 7am – 10pm 7 days a week so we are always there, even at short notice. We guarantee to get results back in 48 hours … but can usually manage much quicker results as we know how reactive and last minute your recruitment can sometimes be!


Global predictive validity studies have shown an 80% correlation between a non Sales Call Reluctant score and High Producers, and also a 75% correlation between a Sales Call Reluctant score and Marginal (not average) producers.

ReMap’s own evaluation study of 445 candidates has shown very similar results at 82% correlation for High Producers. {link to financial advantages} We are also very happy to put you in touch with client’s who are currently using our services…! Contact us and we will arrange a closest fit for your business…!


No matter how big or small your company there are no license fees and no up front costs… you just pay for the reports as you need them, and nothing else!

“We first used ReMap to analyse our existing team and were pleased to find that the strength of the profiles matched the capability of the people that we knew which helped us trust its accuracy.”

James Saunders, Managing Director, 4MAT Digital Marketing

ReMap – Sales Call Reluctance


80% predictive validity for identifying HIGH producers
4% Attrition rate in study of 445 ReMap candidates
ReMap report fee averages only 0.2% of 1st Year recruitment costs
100% report deadlines achieved in last 10 years;available 24/7

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