Please note this section is intended to provide you with information regarding ReMap’s International Recruitment support capability.
For a more detailed breakdown of what the ReMap Recruitment support offers, what it looks like and how it works, please refer to the Recruitment menu on the main home page.
The starting point for ReMap’s Recruitment support is the completion of the Sales Preference Questionnaire (SPQ*GOLD®) by the candidate.
This is currently available in the following languages:

·    French (European)
·    French (Canadian)
·    German
·    Italian  (planned for late 2015)
·    Spanish (Castillian)
·    Spanish (Latin American)
·    Swedish
·    Danish
·    Finnish
·    Norwegian
·    Russian
·    Polish
Once completed, the ReMap Recruitment Report is then completed in English and forwarded to the relevant recruitment team.
It should be noted that 3 important data sets produced as a result of the questionnaire, are colour coded and numeric.  This allows easy interpretation of the results by any user once they are trained, regardless of language capability.

“The SPQ*GOLD® has always met, and exceeded, the development rigors required by government organizations in all countries around the world..”



80% predictive validity for identifying HIGH producers
4% Attrition rate in study of 445 ReMap candidates
ReMap report fee averages only 0.2% of 1st Year recruitment costs
100% report deadlines achieved in last 10 years;available 24/7

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