A Unique Approach

We don’t approach Leadership development in the way that other training providers do. However we are extremely successful at getting proven results for our clients by targeting the underlying problems most Management Teams face.

The Problem

We focus on resolving the hidden issues, which currently prevent many intelligent, competent, and skilful Leaders and Managers actually using their talents on a consistent basis.

Most of us have seen people who have the knowledge, the ability and ‘potential’ to be more successful, yet, for some unknown reason they are just not achieving the results that we know they are capable of.

Often they’ve already received lots of development, they perform well on assessments, have passed all possible technical tests and yet nothing seems to work and you are still left with trying to resolve some of the following


Problems include….

  • Dislikes ‘change’
  • Puts off difficult conversations
  • Micro-manages
  • Wary of collaborative working
  • Struggles with openness / transparency
  • Avoids networking
  • Resists delegation
  • Worry’s more than acts
  • Places reputation above results
  • Uncomfortable talking to groups
  • Our behaviour is directly connected to our emotional condition.
  • If a Manager is uncomfortable, this will have a negative impact on their behaviour, regardless of their ability.
  • This personal discomfort is not a conscious choice, it’s a habitual reaction to particular management / leadership tasks, responsibilities or situations
  • Managers tend to escape the discomfort by simply avoiding the environments that cause the sensitivity
  • As the cause of the problem is their emotional condition, additional skills or knowledge training or coaching is likely to be counterproductive, as it won’t actually alter the way they feel about their role.
  • ReMap’s unique online profiling tool accurately identifies the elements of the Leadership role which make an individual uncomfortable
  • This insight can be used before you to support the development of existing leaders or, indeed, to recruit new ones.
Comprehensive Scope

The ReMap Adept Leadership Programme is a rounded development intervention, which operates on 3 different levels:

1. Personal

It identifies the areas where a Leader will be limiting their own effectiveness whilst damaging their own image and brand

 Simple example: A low score in ‘Spontaneous Networking’ = tendency to be distracted, possibly by non-urgent tasks. This enables more uncomfortable, difficult but more important tasks to be avoided.

2. Team 

a. Focuses on the affect of their interaction on team performance

b. Simple example: A low score in ‘Assertive Networking’ = performance gaps within team members could be ignored, due to concerns about upsetting them

3. Company

a. Examines the internal and external networking activity of the individual.

 b. Simple example: A low score in ‘Liaison’ = a failure to serve as bridge / liaison between business units and departments.

““Wonderful Programme – totally different than anything I’ve done.
Fantastic engagement from the coaches with tangible results achieved for both personal and work goals. The confidence that this training has given me, has been worth my total investment in it!”

Darrin Lee, Director of Service Delivery, RR Donnelley

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