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Aspin Article

Aspin specialise in building smart ‘Apps’ that can be used by sales people to get their messages over in an innovative and effective manner.

ReMap dovetails into this software houses services extremely well; even the impact of best Sales Aid in the world will be restricted if it’s user has Sales Call Reluctance….

This is an article, exploring this vital synergy further, which Aspin sent to 5000+ of their clients

Sales Innovation (SI) Article

Sales Innovation Magazine is a very proactive publication aimed at the Senior Management teams of all sales functions in the UK and beyond.

They look to bring new ideas and offerings to the attention of their readership and ReMap’s unique approach was recently featured in their monthly publication.

Salesforce Magazine

Salesforce magazine is aimed mainly at the IT sales sector.

The article revisited the scientific robustness of the concept of Sales Call Reluctance following an initial look at the subject some years ago before ReMap began establishing itself in this market.

Pharmaceutical Findings

PF (Pharmaceutical Field) Magazine played a big part in helping to get ReMap established so quickly in the Pharmaceutical industry by running a series of articles about Sales Call Reluctance (SCR)

This one explored the Industry Specific findings that ReMap had made at the time of publication.

N.b the data set ReMap now holds is significantly larger and stands at over 6000 profiled for this sector alone.

PF Editorial June
Are You Reluctant To Be in Sales?

This PF Magazine article was aimed at explaining the theory of SRC to the Pharmaceutical sector using real life examples and challenges to bring it to life. It was following the publication of this article that we gained our first Development Programme with Aventis and when our relationship with the Pharmaceutical sector began in earnest…

PF Editorial July/August
The 12 Types of Sales Call Reluctance: Part 1

This PF article looks at the ‘Energy Model’, which explains the mechanics of Sales Call Reluctance as well as 4 of the 12 ways it impacts on salespeople’s feelings and behaviours.

PF Editorial September
The 12 Types of Sales Call Reluctance: Part 2

Part 2 of the PF article covers the remaining 8 Sales Call Reluctance Traits.

It looks at each one from two angles, an Overview and Career Styles, which combined, provide a clear understanding of the impact that the traits have on sales people.

PF Editorial October
Sales Call Reluctance (SCR): the way forward….

In this final PF article the focus is on the impact that SCR has on organisations and individuals in terms of financial cost from lost sales revenue and staff retention issues.

It also looks at what can be done to resolve these threats to productivity and profitability.

Watch this space for the next article…

ReMap interview report

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