ReMap have been working very closely with Recruiters for over 18 months now, and in that time we have learned that, whilst you have a lot in common with the rest of the world of sales, your sector also has some unique nuances.

Therefore we thought it would be useful to recognise this before you progressed to the rest of our website so that you are aware that we understand your specific needs.

When we refer to ‘Sales’ and ‘Sales People’ we also mean you even though many recruiters don’t use these terms to describe their careers.

Recruiter Specifics

·     Recruiters need to be adaptable and flexible, as they have to sell themselves, the company and their services to both candidates and clients alike.

·     They need to be robust due to the highly competitive and fast moving pace of the market… which probably explains why so many people who believe that they can become a recruiter, end up leaving.

·     With attrition rates of 45% across the industry, recruiters need to be equipped with more than just great skills and knowledge.  They also need what we call the ‘emotional propensity’ to be able sell and self promote every day, and to enable them to pick up the phone and communicate comfortably and effectively with their customers.

How ReMap Helps Recruitment Companies

1.   By understanding how a person truly feels about selling we can help you select the most robust candidates when you are recruiting staff for yourself.

2.   Additionally, we can work with your existing staff to help them be more confident and efficient whilst selling, to the point where their increased productivity quickly outstrips the investment that this development may have cost you

“In the first year, for every £ I spent on ReMap, I received £28 back; the training cost was actually covered by additional sales in just 2 WEEKS and by increased margin in 6 WEEKS…”   Ian Styles, MD Axminster Power Tools   (link to Axminster Case Study).

By increasing the suitability of your own recruitment appointments, you will save time and money by training and coaching people who will not only stay with you, but also produce the sales you need from them.

Your brand also benefits from your customers having long-term relationships with your team members because attrition rates fall and retention improves.

NB: Some recruiter have used us in a third way; by asking their clients to use ReMap as a final assessment when they are recruiting sales people. This has resulted in benefits for all parties concerned.

What Current Recruitment Clients Think

“I was made aware of ReMap’s services a couple of years ago, whilst working with a client. Their sales team had been assessed and followed this up with a training programme to improve their skills through ReMap. I could see how the assessments that they provide for sales and potential sales people would be ideal for the Recruitment Industry.

Every Recruitment Company that I’ve recommended use ReMap’s services have loved them. It pinpoints exactly whether someone is going to pick up the phone and be a good salesperson… before they join your organisation – crucial to anyone considering hiring someone in sales. For your existing staff it gives you the development areas for their personal training programme or as consideration for promotion.”

Angela Cripps
Connemara UK
Website   www.connemarauk.com

Where To Go Next

Hopefully you now be eager to discover more about us, so please feel free to explore the rest of our website…but, remember, wherever you see the generic term ‘sales’ or ‘sales person’ just think Recruiter!…

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80% predictive validity for identifying HIGH producers
4% Attrition rate in study of 445 ReMap candidates
ReMap report fee averages only 0.2% of 1st Year recruitment costs
100% report deadlines achieved in last 10 years;available 24/7

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